serendipitous ¡tintypes!

last week was full of things that happened serendipitously. lady luck is on my side.

let me try to describe:

1. a month ago, i run into my old photo professor Dennis Darling and talked tintypes with him

2. Dennis is friends with Rob Kendrick (a badass of tintypery) and gave me his contact info

3. my roommate Chad decides he wants to go on a trip to savannah, ga… on this same day, i get accepted into John Coffer‘s June tintype workshop

4. David Strohl (the badboy of tintypery) lives in savannah, ga

5. i know David from Veronica Hansen, she is THE best

6. i go to savannah, ga and learn tintypes from David

7. on my first savannah day i meet Alex Soto, i meet Alex through David

8. on day two i get my portrait taken by Alex and Alex gets his portrait taken by me…

thus is born my first tintype. we’ll never know how or why things work out the way they do, they just do.

lady luck & everyone else, my deepest gratitude.

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