Paolo Roversi

“Your personality is not coming from your jacket or the cut of your
hair – and your photographic style should not be coming from a
lighting technique. Your photographic style comes from your
creative expression, from your aesthetic, from the beauty that you
can bring to the image, the emotion that you can give to the
people who are looking at your work.” -Paolo Roversi

These words couldn’t come any closer to how I feel. My feeling of the fashion photography market is that too much work isn’t based on talent but based on your phancy jaquet. I don’t really like wearing jackets. In the same interview, Roversi goes on to talk about the feeling of depth in his work. How a longer exposure somehow coveys a larger amount of depth to him. “You can’t do it with strobes” he says. I like him because his style is so elegant and he doesn’t seem to compromise on his vision. Fashion doesn’t always seem to reward beauty or vision, lots of times it rewards trends…. not for roversi.
roversi, i still love you.

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