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This year has truly been the year of baby fever. So many of my beautiful clients have been blessed with gorgeous babies lately. Along with the birth of my niece, it’s been so sweet to see streams of cute baby photos come through on facebook. Lately at weddings I’ve really found myself thinking of the power of creating imagery for not just my clients, but my clients’ children. It is quite powerful actually. Some of my favorite photos are ones of my mom on her wedding day and all the gorgeous portraits of my grandmother as a young woman. There’s so much beauty in being able to look at a photo of your mom or grandmother and see yourself in their faces… i’m seriously tearing up right now as I write this… baby fever, i’m telling you… it’s a powerful thing.

Maternity photography isn’t something I could have ever pictured myself doing until now. And for this set I was truly honored to take Shanna’s photos. We kept it simple and fresh and the honest truth is that mommas just look so damn gorgeous all on their own. Special thank you to The Nouveau Romantics for the beautiful floral garland.