Le San Michele Wedding


Their proposal story: “We walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain; a trek that takes you across the north of Spain. It’s all done on foot and you must carry everything you own in a backpack. Literally. It was an incredibly beautiful experience, but wasn’t the most romantic or glamorous vacation (sleeping in rooms with 10 other snoring people, bedbugs, blisters, etc.). The walk came to an end a month later in a tiny fishing town on the coast called Finisterre (“end of the Earth”). When we arrived, I was exhausted, but Alex was insistent on walking to the lighthouse where it was tradition to burn your walking shoes. I was very hesitant as it was foggy and getting dark. However, I agreed and we began the dismal walk to the lighthouse. A trip full of car dodging and cursing. Finally there, we sat on this big rock behind the lighthouse. Then, suddenly (and I swear this is all true) the clouds clear, a soft pink light appears, flocks of birds fly off in the distance, a trumpet begins to play and Alex pulls out a ring, which I don’t even notice because he says: “I walked to the end of the world with you and I’d like to keep going. Will you marry me?” Pure magic. We traveled to Morocco afterward and told no one of our engagement. It was just us. I hope our wedding was an 1/8th as romantic as that!”- Rivkah

You can see more photos on their Ruffled Blog feature here.

Venue: Le San Michele