Kate Moss Wedding Photos by Mario Testino | Inspiration

Would you like to know what the ultimate group wedding portrait looks like in my head? Ok…


Mario Testino absolutely nailed it in Kate Moss’s flower girl/adorable toy soldier boy portrait. There’s no argument here, this is beautiful. Sure they are all relatives of Ultimate Super Model Mega Queen, how can they not look amazing. But beyond that…. It’s just sooo beautiful. (I’ld like to add all photos in this post are Mario Testino photographs shooting for Vogue.)

Long hair and flower crowns, the perfect match made in wedding photography heaven.

Her wedding was featured here for Vogue’s August issue. But flower crowns aside, I have really strong feelings about these photos because I think they are pretty perfection. The photo story is beautiful and all you really need for great wedding photography. A few strong gorgeous portraits, a couple photos of the guests, the flowers, the cake, and a perfect photo of the bride a groom. You don’t see endless photos of shoes and rings and things and things and things… Only the important parts.

Obviously wedding photography has been heading in the upwards direction in the last few years but to me the difference between wedding photography and commercial photography is clear when you compare these photos to most wedding photo collections. There’ s just an overwhelming selection of crappy photos in most wedding photography sets…. Why? Why does this happen to us? When would a bride and groom ever say “No, we don’t want a great photo of us looking great. How bout you take one hundred photos of a doorknob of our hotel bathroom? THAT! That’s what we want.” This is a long rant, yes. But lemme show you some more photos of the Moss wedding to prove my point that things still need some changing.

1) Do you see that camera Testino is holding?!!! Yes, my friends. That’s a tiny point and shoot. When did it become the wedding photography standard to use cameras that cost thousands of dollars so we can take bad photos of the hotel doorknobs? Do I want to trade in my equipment and shoot freely on a point and shoot so I can have more time to make beautiful tintypes and large format portraits for my clients? Yes, yes I do.

mario testino kate moss photo

2)Oh, sorry.. The ducks are fine. They just wan do bee close to you… Just one photo, it’s a-soo a-phhrrrrretty. (In a Mario Testino voice, you can make the guests do whatever you want for photos. )

kate moss bridesmaids

3) Then when we finish the portraits… photograph anything…. This is the way I want to photograph weddings.

kate moss wedding photos

kate moss wedding flowers

kate moss black and white photo

Ready, set, go.